New Product! Ripper fits CAT 14M 14H 14G Motor Grader

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IMG_6286Ripper fits CAT 14M 14H 14G Motor Grader

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• Multi-Shank Parallelogram style Ripper
• 1 cylinder
• Ripper designed to accept OEM style parts (Including Cylinder and Seal Kits)
• Paint is yellow
• Ripper ships assembled complete with mounting bolts

• SKU MR09

Complete Ripper Set Including:
• Ripper Structure
• Seven Ripper Shanks with Seven Tips
• 1 Cylinder
• Cylinder Hoses
• Mounting Bolts

Shipping Specs
• Length: 2.6 m
• Width: 1.7 m
• Height: 1.35m
• Weight: 1.52 ton