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David Lucas - Director
Lucas Machinery Ltd
Great product with good price and backup is there if required directly from the factory.
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Tony Salera
Weaver Brothers Construction
The ripper has served us well since we installed. Honestly we were hesitant to install a non-cat attachment but no regrets at this point. Very nice product.
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Melvin Hoy - Vice President
White Bear Construction
The rippers are doing great. Put them on and have had no problems. Thank you very much .
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Vedran Bosnjaković - Director
Zagorje Grandnja
Tailgates are great, no different to the original.

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Adding to the Screens and Sweeps sets are our Screens and Sweeps for John Deere 450H/J 550H/J 650H/J machines! For more information, please visit our website: or call us at +1 (949) 880-4524 or email us at    

Introducing Bedrock Machinery’s D6 D7 D8 Stick Rake! “A GAME CHANGER!” is how our customer/exclusive dealer Flamsteed from Australia would call it. Contact us to know more about this amazing attachment. Call +1 (949) 880-4524 or email You can…

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3 Advantages of Our Attachments

Offer a full range of choices with new products

We offer a full range of choices with new products being developed constantly.

Our dealerships are established worldwide

Save time and money with freight. Our dealerships are established worldwide so you can locate a dealer closest to you.

Products are interchangeable with OEM parts

All of our products are interchangeable with OEM parts.
They can be substituted, maintained and repaired from your worksite or location.