A Perfect Union: Darling Sons Intl, LLC Acquires CAT 320 Long Reach from Bedrock Attachments - Bedrock Attachments

In a captivating display of business acumen and innovation, Darling Sons Intl, LLC has recently made a significant acquisition, obtaining the remarkable CAT 320 Long Reach from Bedrock Attachments. This harmonious union between two industry-leading entities has proven to be a match made in construction equipment heaven. The acquisition of the CAT 320 Long Reach is a testament to Darling Sons' commitment to excellence and efficiency, further solidifying their position as pioneers in the construction industry.

A Perfect Fit:

The decision to procure the CAT 320 Long Reach from Bedrock Attachments was nothing short of a masterstroke by Darling Sons. The precision-engineered machine boasts a whopping 55 feet of reach, placing it at the forefront of long-reach excavators on the market. This unparalleled reach capability empowers Darling Sons' excavator to tackle even the most challenging construction projects with ease, offering unparalleled flexibility and dexterity at their job sites.

Beyond its remarkable reach, the CAT 320 Long Reach is equipped with cutting-edge technology and innovative functionalities. Its advanced hydraulic system ensures smooth and precise movements, enabling operators to handle delicate tasks with ease. The excavator's versatile attachments and quick coupler system allow for rapid changes between various tools, such as buckets, hammers, and grapples, maximizing its adaptability to different project requirements. With the CAT 320 Long Reach in their arsenal, Darling Sons Intl, LLC has gained a competitive edge in the construction industry.

Moreover, the CAT 320 Long Reach epitomizes versatility, adaptability, and durability - qualities that perfectly align with Darling Sons' core values. With the capability to handle various attachments, it can seamlessly switch between tasks, transforming from a digging machine to a material handler or a demolition powerhouse, as needed. Such adaptability enhances efficiency and saves precious time on the job site, further underscoring the wisdom of this acquisition.


The acquisition of the CAT 320 Long Reach from Bedrock Attachments is a momentous occasion in Darling Sons Intl, LLC's illustrious journey. This powerful collaboration accentuates the company's relentless pursuit of excellence and its commitment to utilizing cutting-edge technology. The CAT 320 Long Reach's impressive 55 feet reach and unparalleled versatility make it the perfect fit for Darling Sons' ambitious endeavors.

As Darling Sons continues to reshape the construction landscape, it does so with the assurance of having the CAT 320 Long Reach by its side - a reliable partner that stands tall amongst construction equipment, representing the epitome of perfection. This new acquisition ensures that Darling Sons remains ahead of the curve, setting industry standards and inspiring others in their quest for construction greatness.

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