Introducing the Pad Foot Shell Bumper: Enhancing CAT CS10GC CS11GC CS12GC Roller Performance - Bedrock Attachments

As the construction industry continues to evolve, so does the demand for efficient and reliable heavy machinery. CAT CS10GC, CS11GC, and CS12GC Rollers are renowned for their durability and performance on construction sites. To further enhance these machines, a new product has been launched: the Pad Foot Shell Bumper. In this blog post, we will explore the features and benefits of this innovative accessory and how it can elevate your CAT Gc Roller to new levels of productivity.

  1. Superior Fit and Compatibility: The Pad Foot Shell Bumper is specifically designed to fit the CAT CS10GC, CS11GC, and CS12GC Rollers, ensuring a perfect fit and seamless integration. It is engineered to accept OEM style parts, guaranteeing compatibility with existing equipment and easy replacement when required.

  2. Aesthetically Pleasing Design: This bumper is not just functional but also visually appealing. It comes painted in the signature OEM equipment yellow color, matching the original equipment's aesthetic. This attention to detail ensures that your CAT Gc Roller maintains a professional appearance while performing its tasks.

  3. Hassle-Free Installation: The Pad Foot Shell Bumper ships fully assembled, eliminating the need for time-consuming and complicated installations. It is accompanied by all the necessary mounting hardware, making the process seamless and efficient. Within no time, your CAT Gc Roller will be ready to tackle any construction project.

  4. Versatility with CAT 84" Pad Foot Shells: This innovative accessory is designed to work seamlessly with CAT 84" Pad Foot Shells. By combining the Pad Foot Shell Bumper with the compatible shells, you can optimize the performance and versatility of your CAT Gc Roller, enhancing its ability to compact various types of soil and surfaces.

  5. Complete Set for Enhanced Functionality: The Pad Foot Shell Bumper set includes several essential components to maximize its functionality. The interchangeable bumper, specifically designed for CAT CS10GC, CS11GC, and CS12GC Rollers, provides an extra layer of protection and durability. Additionally, the set includes 14 pieces of scrapers (445-8876) for efficient cleaning and maintenance, as well as mounting bolts for secure attachment.

Shipping Specifications: To ensure a smooth delivery process, the Pad Foot Shell Bumper is carefully packaged according to the following shipping specifications:

  • Length: 1.69m
  • Width: 1.69m
  • Height: 2.2m
  • Weight: 1.67 tons

The Pad Foot Shell Bumper offers a reliable and effective solution to enhance the performance of your CAT CS10GC, CS11GC, and CS12GC Rollers. With its seamless fit, OEM compatibility, and aesthetic appeal, this accessory is a valuable addition to any construction site. By investing in the Pad Foot Shell Bumper, you can optimize your CAT Gc Roller's productivity and ensure long-lasting durability. Upgrade your CAT Gc Roller today and experience the difference firsthand!

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