Introducing the Tilt-Ditch Cleaning Bucket: Revolutionizing Grading on Angled Surfaces - Bedrock Attachments
Grading on angled surfaces can be a challenging task for operators in various industries. To overcome this hurdle and streamline complex ground-shaping operations, we are excited to introduce the Tilt-Ditch Cleaning Bucket. This purpose-built attachment offers a heightened level of efficiency and convenience, empowering operators to accomplish intricate tasks with enhanced speed and ease. In this blog post, we will delve into the advanced design, functionality, and specifications of this innovative product.

Advanced Design and Functionality:
The Tilt-Ditch Cleaning Bucket has been engineered with careful consideration to address the specific challenges of grading on angled surfaces. Its integrated design allows for efficient ground-shaping operations, saving valuable time and effort. By incorporating cutting-edge features, this bucket provides operators with the tools they need to achieve optimal results.

Efficiency and Convenience:
With the Tilt-Ditch Cleaning Bucket, operators can streamline their workflow and complete grading tasks with heightened efficiency. The bucket's advanced functionality allows for precise control over ground-shaping operations, enabling operators to achieve desired contours and gradients quickly. This results in reduced project timelines and increased productivity.

Enhanced Speed and Ease:
Equipped with user-friendly controls, the Tilt-Ditch Cleaning Bucket empowers operators to accomplish intricate tasks with ease. Its intuitive design ensures a smooth and seamless operation, even on challenging surfaces. By reducing the complexity of grading on angled surfaces, this bucket enables operators to work with confidence and precision.

Product Specifications:
To cater to various requirements, the Tilt-Ditch Cleaning Bucket is available in different models, each offering specific capacities and widths. Let's take a closer look at the specifications of these models:

SKU: ETBWY312CL-60in-0.57
Fits CAT 312
Part Number: 5099131
Width: 60 inches (1500 mm)
Capacity: 0.57 cubic meters / 0.75 cubic yards
Weight: 665 kgs / 1466 lbs.

SKU: ETBWY316CL-60in-0.64
Fits CAT 316
Part Number: 5106687
Width: 60 inches (1500 mm)
Capacity: 0.64 cubic meters / 0.84 cubic yards
Weight: 875 kgs / 1929 lbs.

SKU: ETBWY320CL-60in-0.9
Fits CAT 320
Part Number: 5115334
Width: 60 inches (1500 mm)
Capacity: 0.90 cubic meters / 1.18 cubic yards
Weight: 990 kgs / 2183 lbs.

SKU: ETBWY320CL-72in-1.11
Fits CAT 320
Part Number: 5115335
Width: 72 inches (1800 mm)
Capacity: 1.11 cubic meters / 1.45 cubic yards
Weight: 1100 kgs / 2425 lbs.

SKU: ETBWY320CL-79in-1.23
Fits CAT 320
Part Number: 5166671
Width: 79 inches (2000 mm)
Capacity: 1.23 cubic meters / 1.61 cubic yards
Weight: 1165 kgs / 2568 lbs.

The Tilt-Ditch Cleaning Bucket is a game-changer for grading on angled surfaces, offering an integrated solution that enhances efficiency and convenience. Its advanced design, user-friendly controls, and precise functionality empower operators to accomplish intricate tasks with enhanced speed and ease. With a range of models available, operators can select the capacity and width that best suit their specific requirements. By incorporating the Tilt-Ditch Cleaning Bucket into their operations, they can achieve optimal results, reduce project timelines, and increase overall productivity. With its revolutionary features, this bucket sets a new standard in ground-shaping operations on angled surfaces. Experience the power of efficiency and convenience with the Tilt-Ditch Cleaning Bucket, and take your grading tasks to the next level.
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