18m Long Reach fits CAT 320D 320DL 320EL Excavator

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18m Long Reach fits CAT 320D 320DL 320EL Excavator


9.7m boom, 8.3m stick, 0.6m3 Bucket,
6 pins, 7 pipes, 12ton linkage, CAT 312 cylinder.

Supporting structure included easier packing and transportation
CE mark


• Using Computerized analysis for the stress distribution of the long reach and optimizing the design structure
• Using lagging milling equipment to improve welding
• Using Cold-rolled precision steel for the pipes and finishing by phosphoric acid washing, in order to make the pipes smoother, reducing hydraulic oil flow resistance and reducing oil circuit pollution
• Using Robotic top-quality welding
• Using ultrasonic non-destructive testing to ensure the welding quality
• Using the top Quality boring machine to ensure the parallelism of the pinholes
• All products are sandblasted, the appearance of the product is smooth and clean
• Using top-quality cylinders